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8" x 8" x .8" Tauring #Alpha-200, CNC I-beam & angle bending roll, Alpha200CNCi, HE Device, 3 driven rolls, 24.1 HP, 2015



8" x 8" x .800" Tauring #Alpha-200, CNC I-Beam & Angle Bending Roll, Alpha200CNCi, HE Device, 3 driven rolls, 24.1 HP, 2015

Tauring Alpha 200CNC Angle Bending Roll

Specifications (Preliminary)

Round Tube: 10.75" x 0.5" / Min. Radius: 87"

Square Tube: 10" x 10" x .40" / Min. Radius: 80"

Flat Bar (Hard Way): 10" x 2.3 / Min. Radius: 32"

Angle (Leg Out): 7.8" x 7.8" x 0.78" / Min. Radius: 78"


Driven Rolls: 3

Shaft Diameter: 490mm

Standard Shaft Working Length: 15.75"

Shaft Revolutions Per Minute: 7.1 R.P.M.

Main Motor Motor: 24.1 HP

Dimensions / Weight:

41"W x 61"L x 74"H / Machine Weight - 22,046 lbs.

Current Electrics:

Voltage - 230 Volt/3 Phase/60Hz and 480 /3 /60Hz available

Equipped With:

Alpha200CNCi, HE Device, Hydraulic Roll Adjustment, Universal Tool Set - 1 Set

CNC Control:

Alpha200CNCi - "CNC" stands for "computerized, numerical control", "i" for "interpolation" and "PLUS" for "plus value". It is the evolution of an already astonishing product that today is even more amazing. The CNCi is an advanced numerical control Windows based able to manage two or more interpolated axes with unsurpassed progression and accuracy. The 15" touch screen can activate macro-instructions and commands by simply touching the icons presented on the screen. One of CNCi strength points is represented by its simple and intuitive software, that allows programming any types of geometrical shape - regular and irregular - by simply drawing it on the screen or importing it from a "dxf" file. The shape can then be modified by simply acting on its segments so to make them longer or shorter or clicking on the arrow to enlarge or reduce the bending curves; all tasks are recognized by the "bending program"


8” / 200mm 2014 TAURING ALPHA200CNC-I Profile Roll Bender Machine Equipped with all Standard Equipment & HE Device. Set up for H Beams Profiling.

Produced by TAURING GROUP of Italy

Manufactured in 2014, Installed in 2015, NEVER USED

One prototype piece was produced, and they lost the contract.

Electrical: 480V 3Ph 60Hz

Weight: 8325 Kg / 18,353 Lbs.

Email Phone Address
[email protected] (814) 403-8329 1426 W 45th St., Erie, PA, 16509, US